Using R to Automate Survey Administration

Do you conduct surveys? If so, you likely know the pain of having to continually remind people to complete your survey? What if you could automate this process so that you don’t have to keep track of anything?

In this video tutorial, I give an example of how you can use R to automate survey administration. People typically think of R as a tool for data analysis, which it of course is. But, with thousands and thousands of package that give R added functionalities, you can use several of them to automate the data collection process as well.

In the video, I use four packages: tidyverse, janitor, googlesheets, and gmailr. The last two provide the core functionality to automate survey administration. Although I don’t provide step-by-step guides for how to use the packages, the documentation for googlesheets is quite good and there are several tutorials for setting up gmailr. In particular, Sharon Machlis has a nice video on sending email with that package.

Learning R can improve all parts of your research work. In addition to improving how you work with data, it can make it easier to collect dat in the first place.

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