How to Make a Donut Chart in ggplot

A lot of data visualizations are designed to show multiple data points (think bar charts that compare results for multiple groups). But what if you want to show just one data point? Say, for example, you want to show what percentage of people have accomplished something? There are two techniques we often

Announcing R Without Statistics

n early 2020, I started to have conversations with publishers about doing a book on R. I was excited about the possibility, but wasn’t exactly sure what the book would be about. Then COVID came and, with two young kids at home, writing a book was not going to happen. In the

Why R is Magic

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak to some folks at Western Michigan University. I called my talk Why R is Magic. Because, well, it is.  I busted out my favorite R party trick: doing a survey and immediately generating a report with RMarkdown.  I even tried