How to make interactive graphs in R

I recently got a question about making interactive graphs in R. Sara Kidd of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission asked me the following: I am wondering what is the easiest/most efficient way to create interactive graphs and then embed them into a web page. While I will have a need for

How to Use Git/GitHub with R

Using Git and GitHub alongside RStudio has the power to revolutionize how you work in R. But getting everything set up can be a challenge. Join me as I walk through everything you need to do in order to use Git and GitHub alongside RStudio. But first, some background …

Announcing pagedreport

tldr: Thomas Vroylandt and I have developed a package called pagedreport to help you make beautiful PDF reports from RMarkdown. Full documentation is available here. In a recent training, I showed the group I was working with various options for knitting RMarkdown documents. When I got to PDF, I showed the default

Parameterized Reporting with RMarkdown

Have you ever had to make a set of reports that all look alike? Perhaps you’re making one report for each school in your district. Doing this manually is, I probably don’t need to tell you, a huge pain. Fortunately, R has a solution to this problem: parameterized reporting. Parameterized reporting is

How to Keep Your R Packages Up to Date

A user who recently completed my Getting Started with R course sent me an email to ask a common question for those starting out with R: How do you keep your R software up to date? As far as I know, there are no automatic updates for R, RStudio and packages. And

How to Evaluate R Packages

One of the challenges for people learning R is this: there are often many ways to accomplish the same goal. This is, of course, also a benefit (if you don’t like the first approach, just try another one!). But when you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience with R, multiple solutions to a