How to Read R Help Pages

Folks just starting out with R often assume that those of us who are more experienced never need to get help. This is definitely not true! Everyone always searches for help, no matter how advanced an R user you are. Learning how to search for help when you need it is a

Automating Sentences with R

The thing that first drew me to R was the ability to run the same analysis on different datasets and get a similar output every time: the same graphs, the same analyses, the same structure to the report, but different data, so a different story to tell. We often talk about the power of R in

How to Make a Donut Chart in ggplot

A lot of data visualizations are designed to show multiple data points (think bar charts that compare results for multiple groups). But what if you want to show just one data point? Say, for example, you want to show what percentage of people have accomplished something? There are two techniques we often

Aligning Your Axes

At R For The Rest of Us we spend a lot of time creating bespoke parameterised reports for our clients. In these reports, we often use CSS to create polished documents and to control the placement of our images. We’ve written about this approach elsewhere. In a recent project creating a needs assessment report on