My R Journey: Sharla Gelfand

In choosing subjects for My R Journey interviews, I tend to stay away from statisticians. My mission with R for the Rest of Us is to demonstrate ways of using R that go beyond how many people expect R to be used (e.g. complex statistical models). But, if you know Sharla Gelfand, you know that […]

My R Journey: Alex Michel

Alex Michel recently graduated from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health in Portland, Oregon with a Master of Public Health. She’s worked in science communication and science writing for about 10 years and hopes to continue to use R to improve public access and engagement with research. Why did you decide to learn R? I first […]

My R Journey: Steve Richard

Steve Richard works as a data analyst at the Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) in Multnomah County, Oregon. JOHS is an office that was created through an inter-governmental agreement between the city of Portland, Oregon and the County to allocate funds to and manage contracts for social services agencies serving the homeless population in the County. […]

My R Journey: Rika Gorn

Rika Gorn is the Director of Data Analytics & Reporting at Covenant House International, a privately funded agency that provides shelter, immediate crisis care, and other services, to homeless and trafficked youth in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Her work focuses on providing statistical analysis, data visualization, and reporting support to 21 sites […]

My R Journey: David Keyes

Hi there, I’m David, the one man behind this one-man operation. I’ve started a series of posts asking others to tell me about their R journeys. It didn’t seem fair, though, to not do the same myself. So, here’s the story of how I came to learn R, how I use it today, and why […]

My R Journey: Dana Wanzer

Dana Wanzer is an evaluation consultant currently finishing her PhD in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods at Claremont Graduate University. This fall she’ll be starting a new position as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in Evaluation Research at the University of Wisconsin Stout. I’ve gotten to know Dana over the last couple years through as […]

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