R is a Workflow Tool (That Also Does Some Stats)

I get asked this question a lot: is the work I do too basic to take advantage of R? It’s a reasonable question given R’s reputation as a tool for the extremely quantitatively inclined. But R can do a ton for you even if your statistical analysis needs are simple. I only ever use R for descriptive stats, and I […]

My R Journey: Adrienne Zell

Adrienne Zell wears many hats. She is an Assistant Professor in the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) – Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health. She is also the Director and co-founder of the OHSU Evaluation Core, an Assistant Director for the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI), and the Director of the OCTRI Office of […]

How teaching second graders helps me teach R

From 2005 to 2007, I was a second grade teacher at Bel Pre Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland. It was the hardest job I’ve ever done. But I learned so much about teaching during that time (as well as my education master’s program) that it was anything but a waste. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on ways […]

What is a Tidyverse-centric approach?

I describe my Fundamentals of R course as taking a “Tidyverse-centric approach.” If you’re new to R, you might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about. Here’s my explanation as to what the Tidyverse is and why I use it to teach R. The Tidyverse is described as: … an opinionated collection of R packages designed for data […]

Is R just for data scientists?

Take a look at most R courses and they’re pitched to aspiring data scientists. They say things like, “learn R and you can get a great job working at one of the many companies that use it to do data science.” Take a look at the bios of many of the most prominent R users and you’ll […]