Lessons for Learning R

This post comes from the R for the Rest of Us newsletter. If you want to get more content like this delivered to your inbox, sign up today. Last week I published the latest post in the My R Journey series. It is with Rika Gorn, Director of Data Analytics & Reporting at Covenant House International. I’ve followed Rika for […]

I “only” use R for descriptive stats — and that’s OK

I have a confession: the only statistics I do in R are descriptive statistics. I have only very occasionally used R for t tests, chi square, linear regression, or other inferential stats. Why, you might be wondering, would I use software designed by and for statisticians, data scientists, and other folks on the quantitative end of […]

Never roll that ball of yarn twice

Does your workflow look anything like this? Receive data Import data to SPSS Do data cleaning and analysis in SPSS Export data to Excel Make figures in Excel Copy figures from Excel to Word Write your report This, or some slight variation on it, is the workflow than many of us in evaluation use. It’s […]

R Handles the Beast and the Beauty

R is the Swiss army knife of data tools. It can handle the work of importing, cleaning, and wrangling data (the beast). And it can also make some of the most attractive graphs you’ve ever seen (the beauty). The Beast: Importing Data One concern that users considering R sometimes have is: how will I work with all […]

The Life-Changing Magic of R

Many people come to R for one simple reason: it’s free. That’s one reason why both of us started using it. But as people use R, they come to appreciate its power. Here’s an example: have you ever spent time using hlookups and vlookups to work with multiple columns in Excel. Was it a pain? […]