Recoding Numeric Values to Character Values Automatically in R

After a recent Introduction to R workshop, a participant asked me a question. She works with data that comes to her with all numeric values, but these numeric actually represent character values. Every time she receives new data, she has to recode it manually in Excel, a situation she described to me via email: A […]

How to Clean Messy Data in R

If you work with data, you know that you often spend as much β€” if not more β€” time gathering, wrangling, and cleaning your data as you do analyzing it. A 2014 New York Times article cites the truism that data scientists spend at least half of their time cleaning data. R offers a wide […]

How to Make Functions in R

R is a functional programming language. Most of the time, you use other people’s functions. But, as you become a more experienced R user, you may want to start making your own functions. For most people, the idea of making your first function comes when you realize you are copying and pasting code over and […]

Themes to Improve Your ggplot Figures

The default look and feel of figures made with ggplot leaves something to be desired. See that default gray background and you know the figure was made in ggplot, just as a 3D pie chart could only mean Excel. Fortunately, though, changing how your ggplot figures look is incredibly simple. In fact, it’s usually just […]

Using R to Automate Survey Administration

Do you conduct surveys? If so, you likely know the pain of having to continually remind people to complete your survey? What if you could automate this process so that you don’t have to keep track of anything? In this video tutorial, I give an example of how you can use R to automate survey […]

A short overview of the grammar of graphics

One of the things I’ve had most trouble explaining to folks learning R is the grammar of graphics. It’s the theoretical underpinnings of the ggplot2 package, which is used to make all sorts of graphics. In general, I try to avoid being too theoretical in my courses and workshops, but the grammar of graphics is […]

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