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Your Turn

Complete the color and fill sections of the data-visualization-exercises.Rmd file.

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color and fill Resources

You may want to review Chapter 3 from R for Data Science , which includes a section on mapping data to color and fill aesthetics. Chapter 2 of Fundamentals of Data Visualization has a similar discussion. So does Chapter 3 of Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction.

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Atlang Mompe

Atlang Mompe

April 4, 2021

Hi David, when you do the coord_flip() - can you order the data into ascending or descending by the variable? If so, could you kindly show us how to do so? So for the age_decade by height - what if I wanted to see the tallest age_decade to the shortest age_decade, what would the code look lik?

Thank you, Atty

Kateryn Pino

Kateryn Pino

April 8, 2021

Hi David, In this exercise, Can I drop NAs in the same ggplot code, or I necessarily have to do some data wrangling first? Thanks!

At this point in the exercise file, my code stopped automatically indenting and the function help tooltips stopped appearing. The commented lines in the code chunk also appear in blue instead of green here. I'm not sure what I did to cause this, and I got the code to work by indenting myself, but it takes a lot longer when it's not running automatically. Did I mess something up that I can change back easily?