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Your Turn

Complete the save plots sections of the data-visualization-exercises.Rmd file.

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Saving Plots Resources

I have only showed you how to save plots by saving the last plot you made. You can also save a plot as an object and then use this object as an argument in your ggsave function. For more on doing that, see the relevant page from the Stat545 course by Jenny Bryan.

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Catherine Roller White

Catherine Roller White

April 14, 2021

I was able to save this as a .png, but when I tried to save as a .pdf, I received this message:

Error in, as.graphicsAnnot(x$label), x$x, x$y, : invalid font type

It still created a .pdf, but the only text on the figure was the data labels (no title, axes, etc.) Perhaps we will be covering this on Thursday when we talk about fonts? Thank you.

Abby Isaacson

Abby Isaacson

April 15, 2021

I saved without any errors, but I can't find it anywhere! Not in my files, nor the "plots" tab (what is that?).

My code for the facets section worked to get the right plot, and I wrote my saving code the same way the solutions suggest, but when I save the plot the background turns from white in the facets section original plot to dark grey in the png file. Is this something from the default? And how do I change individual elements of the plot while keeping the overall theme?

Andrew Paquin

Andrew Paquin

April 5, 2023

Hi David, I have encountered a problem during this lesson. Something is up with RStudio, and I can't put my finger on it. It had been working well, but suddenly it appears that tidyverse is unavailable to me. When I try to knit, I get the following:

Error: package or namespace load failed for ‘tidyverse’: .onAttach failed in attachNamespace() for 'tidyverse', details: call: NULL error: package or namespace load failed for ‘ggplot2’ in loadNamespace(i, c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), versionCheck = vI[[i]]): namespace ‘rlang’ 1.0.6 is already loaded, but >= 1.1.0 is required

I've also been getting this a lot: In addition: Warning message: In gzfile(file, mode) : cannot open compressed file 'C:\Users\paquinan\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmp4cUZ6h/libloc_185_13d200b7.rds', probable reason 'No such file or directory'

All of this started last night when I tried to access my html file for this section and realized that there isn't one.

Any ideas?

I have tried to run updates, and I see that there are six of them, but they don't take. I go through a perpetual cycle of being asked if I want R to restart. In the end, nothing changes. This ongoing cycle (being asked about restarting R, saying yes, being asked again...) is accompanied by repetitions of this message:

> install.packages(c("cli", "ggplot2", "htmltools", "ps", "rlang", "vctrs")) Error in install.packages : Updating loaded packages

Restarting R session...

Melissa Mullins

Melissa Mullins

April 19, 2023

My plot looked great as a png even though I had overlapping text issues displaying in R studio. I wanted to see what they looked like if I knit, but I couldn't successfully do it. When it gets to this line of code install.packages("devtools") I get an error that says this: processing file: data-visualization-exercises.Rmd |....................................... | 77% (unnamed-chunk-19)Quitting from lines 276-279 (data-visualization-exercises.Rmd) Error in contrib.url(repos, "source") : trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror Calls: ... eval_with_user_handlers -> eval -> eval -> install.packages -> contrib.url

Execution halted

Suggestions appreciated!