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R for the Rest of Us: A Statistics-Free Introduction comes out June 25th. Or you can read the online version today. Check it out →
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Your Turn

  1. Working in your report.Rmd file, above the RMarkdown second-level header, add the following first-level header: “Introduction”

  2. Add this text (note the bold and italics) below the introduction header: “This report is the best report ever. Pretty much the bees’ knees. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen a better report.”

  3. Add the following second-level header: “Reasons Why This Report is the Best”

  4. Add the following list of reasons why the report is the best:

    • It’s amazing

    • It’s quite amazing

    • It’s seriously amazing

  5. Knit again and reopen the report.html file to make sure your changes show up.

Learn More

A review of the basics of Markdown text can be found on the RStudio website.

Have any questions? Put them below and we will help you out!

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August 8, 2021

Hi David, I done all exercises and the output worked well for me but my report does not appear in the 4th window of R under files tabs. It's pop up the first time but for changes I have to go on my destktop were I saved the file so I can open it back and see the changes.

Craig Loschmann

Craig Loschmann

September 18, 2021

In terms of formatting in RMarkdown, are you going to cover the Visual Markdown Editor?

Similarly, are there ways to change alignment (e.g. center a title) in the output?

Lindsay Quarles

Lindsay Quarles

October 7, 2021

I did it but only some of the formatting codes worked. Here's the code I wrote and here's the output I got,

Niger Sultana

Niger Sultana

May 2, 2022

Hi If I want Header both Italic and bold, like *Introduction. It did not work. Can you please let me know.

Cheers Niger

Hatem Kotb

Hatem Kotb

August 3, 2022

Interesting to see that there is a 'Visual' interface in Rstudio now feeling spoiled :D