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R for the Rest of Us: A Statistics-Free Introduction comes out June 25th. Or you can read the online version today. Check it out →
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The sample dashboard shown in the video is here. It is produced with the flexdashboard package.

R for Data Science can be found here. I showed chapter 3 (on data visualization) in the video. The corresponding RMarkdown document is on GitHub here.

Shiny is the package for making interactive web apps. The bus dashboard example is here.

The RMarkdown document that I used to make the slides for this course is here (the slides themselves are here). I made the slides using the xaringan package.

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March 20, 2022

Hi David, regarding Rmarkdown and Shiny, I understood from your video that it is possible to create a Shiny web app from a Rmarkdown file. Am I right?

Saw in your video sometimes using spaces between = and FALSE i.e = FALSE and sometimes not i.e. =FALSE . My code worked with include=FALSE (no space) and warning = FALSE and message = FALSE (spaces) Are both acceptable?

Abdulkadir Lokhandvala

Abdulkadir Lokhandvala

April 4, 2023

Hi David, I work with SAS and create lots of macros [equivalent to functions in R] for wider community of programmers in out org. One of the way I can utilize R Markdown is to create the documentation of SAS Macros. I need the help on two things:

  1. How can I change the color of certain words in syntax.? So within R Markdown, I insert SAS syntax and some of Keywords should be highlighted in Blue.
  2. I also want to create bookmarks in html document, so I can insert multiple documentation at the same time