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Neha Shaikh

Neha Shaikh

April 3, 2022


Is there any options, if i wanna use r on my mobile instead of window or MAC

Charlie Hadley

Charlie Hadley

April 5, 2022

Hi Neha, There are two options I can give you.

  • RStudio Cloud gives you the full RStudio experience in your web browser and will let you build R script and RMarkdown documents. There is a free tier available that provides a modest level of functionality, which is limited by RAM and compute houtrs.
  • Karandeep Singh has built a tool called RendereR that allows R code to be run from within a text editing app on iOS on a free to use cloud computing service. I haven't used this tool and wouldn't recommend it. There are several caveats to exactly how it works and it's a less predictable service than RStudio Cloud. Karandeep details the tool in this Twitter thread.

Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers, Charlie

Janelle Sjue

Janelle Sjue

September 7, 2022

The videos are are in the wrong order on my computer, so I could not make sense of them.

You're right that the videos are not in order below, but those videos are just to be able to search within the videos. The appropriate video will also show up on each lesson.