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Binding Data Frames

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Your Turn

  1. Import 2017-2018 enrollment data into a data frame called enrollment_by_race_ethnicity_17_18 and clean it using the code you used for the 2018-2019 data

  2. Use bind_rows() to make a enrollment_by_race_ethnicity data frame.

Hint: You’ll need to change some of your code from importing the 2018-2019 data to make the race_ethnicity variable get recoded correctly!

Learn More

The best place to learn about binding data is the dplyr website.

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Isaac Macha

Isaac Macha

April 22, 2021

when putting a new column, I keep getting this error. How do I solve this :

Error in FUN(left) : invalid argument to unary operator

See below code enrollment_by_ethnicity_18_19 %>% mutate(year = 2018)

tawheeda wahabzada

tawheeda wahabzada

April 28, 2021

Hi David, in the solutions, you noted that lines 25 and 51 have the missing code. I only see blank spaces.

Atlang Mompe

Atlang Mompe

May 2, 2021

Hi David, did you intentionally omit the binding code? In any case I figured it out, but just want to flag that it is not in the solutions. Thanks, Atty

Christine Vandenberghe

Christine Vandenberghe

May 3, 2021

Sorry I don't see bind rows in the solution, did I miss it?

Maria Cristina Limlingan

Maria Cristina Limlingan

November 15, 2021

HI David,

I'm still getting NAs for race_ethnicity even if I changed the code to this - not sure what else to try? mutate(race_ethnicity = str_remove(race_ethnicity, "x2017_2018_")) %>%



April 30, 2022

Hi, I ran into a similar issue when we were using the replace_na with "0", in this case for the second dataset (17-18) I received this from the console:

Error in mutate(): ! Problem while computing number_of_students = replace_na(number_of_students, "0"). Caused by error in vec_assign(): ! Can't convert replace to match type of data .

So, I just had to remove the quotation marks from the 0, in order to get it work.

Andrew Paquin

Andrew Paquin

April 24, 2023

Hi Dave and Charlie, I've run into a problem. I duplicated my code for the 2018-19 data and adapted it for the 2017-18 data. When I run it, however, I get an error message pertaining to line 73 - mutate(number_of_students = na_if(number_of_students, "-")). What puzzles me is that the exact same line works as expected in the original code chunk. Here's the error message: Error in mutate(): ℹ In argument: number_of_students = na_if(number_of_students, "-"). Caused by error in na_if(): ! Can't convert y to match type of x . Run rlang::last_trace() to see where the error occurred. This video (link below) provides a bit more detail: