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Changing Variable Types

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Your Turn

  1. Convert the number_of_students variable to numeric by using as.numeric()

  2. Make sure you can use your number_of_students variable to count the total number of students in Oregon

Learn More

The best place to learn more about changing variable types is Chapter 20 of R for Data Science. Be warned that the chapter is dense, but it goes over, in greater depth, various variable (technically, vector) types, how to change them, etc.

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Hannah Ridenour LaFrance

Hannah Ridenour LaFrance

December 14, 2022

I changed some of my variables to numeric in order to run a correlation test, but when I attempt to run cor.test, I get the error message that "'x' must be a numeric vector" even though both x and y are reading as dbl variables. My code is here: with the issues in question occurring from lines 195-222. I'm wondering if there's something going on with na values? Not sure what the remaining roadblock is.

Hannah Ridenour LaFrance

Hannah Ridenour LaFrance

December 16, 2022

thank you so much!!