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devtools and usethis

Welcome to section 1 of the course! The materials for this section are in this GitHub repo.

Your Turn 1

After you download or clone the materials from the GitHub repo for this section of the course, open the entire project by clicking 01_avalanchr.Rproj and then work in the exercises.Rmd file.

  • Load usethis and devtools if you haven’t.
  • Open the DESCRIPTION file and take a look. It’s very generic!
  • Run edit_r_profile(). Copy and paste this code into your R profile, but change it to your name and email. If you would like to add your ORCID ID see ?use_description for an example for an example that includes that.
  • Then, restart your R session Session > Restart R.
    If you don’t want to change your R profile, you can just run the code in the console without running edit_r_profile() or restarting
  • When you’ve restarted, run use_description() to replace the DESCRIPTION file.
  • Open the DESCRIPTION file and take a look around.

Your Turn 1 Stretch Goal

  • Read the help page for use_usethis(). If there are any of these that you’d like available in all interactive sessions, run the function to get the related code and add it to your R Profile.

Learn More

The best place to learn more about these packages is their websites (devtools/usethis) or the Setup chapter of the R Packages book.

Have any questions? Put them below and we will help you out!