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For this section of the course, you’ll need the materials in this GitHub repo. You can download or clone them. After you download or clone the materials from the GitHub repo for this section of the course, open the entire project by clicking 05_avalanchr.Rproj.

Your Turn 1 & 2

Your Turn 1: Consider

  • What do you do when you want to learn a new package?

Your Turn 2

  • Open vignettes/intro-to-avalanchr.Rmd.
  • Let’s add some more content before we knit this vignette. Lines 2729 have an R Markdown code chunk. On line 28, fill in the blank with this code: db_con(“residents_per_sector”)
  • Let’s also add some examples of the summarizing and plotting functions. On line 57, fill in the blank with count_donations(). On line 62, use plot_donations()
  • Knit the vignette. If you’re having trouble finding some of your functions, try re-loading or documenting and re-building.

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