With extensive training in research methods and deep expertise in data visualization, I help organizations use high-quality data visualization to increase their impact.

Never in history has there been as much data available as there is today. Yet organizations too often fail to use it to inform their practice.

I work with organizations to build data visualizations that inform their practice. From maps that show the grant-giving impact of foundations to 100+ page reports on key social and economic indicators throughout the state of Oregon to charts that take reports from mundane to highly engaging, my data visualizations that are both attractive and informative.

Sample Project

When the Ford Family Foundation came to me about working on their first-ever Oregon by the Numbers report, all they knew was they wanted to come up with a way to share key social and economic indicators for each of the 36 counties in the state.

I knew that what they originally presented to me — a series of tables of data — would not garner the attention the topic deserved. So, working with their staff over several months, we developed a visually-appealing report that would clearly communicate strengths and challenges that Oregon’s counties face.

The full report has been shared widely with policymakers, the media, and others who care about the future of Oregon.

Sample pages from Oregon by the Numbers
Sample pages from Oregon by the Numbers