Starting in 2020, I will be doing live events to help others improve their R skills.

There will be webinars to help those considering learning R determine whether it’s a good fit for them.

I will be live streaming as I record videos for the upcoming Going Deeper with R course.

And I will also do some live coding of miscellaneous projects so that others can watch me work in R.

How to Join

Watch here (they will turn on whenever I’m doing live streaming) or using any of the links below.

Demystifying R: A Guided Tour

R is incredibly powerful software, but getting started with it can be confusing. In this presentation, I will discuss reasons why R is worth the effort it takes to learn. These include fast, efficient, and reproducible data analysis, high-quality data visualization, and doing everything from data importing to final reporting in a single tool. The presentation will include an overview of what R is, how it works, and what it can do for you.

Live Streaming Going Deeper

This spring, I’m releasing a new course, Going Deeper with R. Starting the week of February 3rd, I’ll be live streaming myself recording lessons for this course. You’re welcome to watch and provide live feedback along the way.

Live Coding

In addition to teaching R, I also do data visualization for a range of clients. I’ll live code myself doing this work.