You want to learn R, but you know you won’t do it unless you set aside the time to make it happen. You sound like a perfect candidate for my Introduction to R workshops. In these workshops I will take you from from “I’ve heard of R” to “Wow, I can use R!”

The workshops are live versions of my Fundamentals of R course and cover three main topics.

1. RMarkdown

RMarkdown allows you to combine all of your work with data alongside your narrative text. No more going back and forth between multiple pieces of software to produce a report — do it all in RMarkdown.

2. Data Wrangling and Analysis

Using a tidyverse-centric approach, learn to wrangle your data into the format you need. Then see the power of R as you quickly produce a range of analyses on your data.

3. Data Visualization

R is used to produce much of the high-quality data visualization work you see today. Learn to use the famous ggplot2 package to build visualizations to effectively communicate your results.

After taking my workshop, you’ll have the fundamental skills you need to continue on your R journey.

I’m currently planning for upcoming workshops. If you are interested in attending one, please select your city below (or enter your city if it isn’t listed). When I schedule a workshop in your city, I’ll be sure to let you know so you can be the first to sign up.

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