Parameterized Reporting with RMarkdown


Have you ever had to make a set of reports that all look alike? Perhaps you’re making one report for each school in your district. Doing this manually is, I probably don’t need to tell you, a huge pain. Fortunately, R has a solution to this problem: parameterized reporting.

Parameterized reporting is a feature of RMarkdown that allows you to design a single report template and then use it to generate tens, hundreds, even thousands of reports at the same time.

When I was starting to learn R, I was so excited when I learned about parameterized reporting, but I quickly became frustrated when I tried (and failed) to implement it. There are resources out there, but I needed someone to walk me through the process step by step.

So, for the inaugural R for the Rest of Us office hours session, I did just that. After receiving multiple questions on parameterized reporting over the years, I gathered my thoughts and walked through exactly how it works.

The video below is 45 minutes, but if you watch it and learn to use parameterized reporting, I guarantee it will save you hours of work. May you never have to manually produce reports again!

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