R for the Rest of Us

You don’t need a PhD in statistics or years of coding experience to learn R. Anyone can learn the most powerful tool for data analysis and visualization.

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Why Learn R?

Work with data more quickly, more efficiently, and more beautifully

Hi, I’m David

Think you know what an R user looks like? I’m probably not what you have in mind.

I’m not a hardcore quant (my PhD is in anthropology). I’m not a coder ready to jump on you for any small mistake.

I want to help others avoid the pain that I went through learning R.

A teacher at heart (shoutout to my former second grade students), I make R less scary and more fun (yes, fun).

About Me


These are just a few of the organizations I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Can I help your organization get started started on your R journey?

Email me at david@rfortherestofus.com.

Introduction to R Workshops Coming Up in Washington DC and Vancouver. Spots are limited!