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R for the Rest of Us: A Statistics-Free Introduction comes out June 25th. Or you can read the online version today. Check it out →
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Interactive Dashboards with Shiny

Ever wanted to turn your R code into a powerful, interactive web application? Shiny is the tool for you! 

But learning to use Shiny is hard. Even experienced R users can feel lost when trying to pick up Shiny. 

Interactive Dashboards with Shiny will show you step by step how to make Shiny apps. Starting with the basic architecture of Shiny apps, you’ll then move on to learning about creating reactive inputs that users can add to control the output they see. 

You’ll then learn how to use plotly to make interactive figures. And you’ll wrap up by learning how integrating Quarto with Shiny can simplify the process of making complex layouts. 

If you’ve seen Shiny apps and wondered how they’re made, this course will show you. If you’re ready to start making your own Shiny apps, sign up for Interactive Dashboards with Shiny today.

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Course Includes

  • 25 Lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Lifetime Access

About the Instructor

Ted Laderas

Ted Laderas is a Data Scientist and Community Builder at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in the Data Science Lab (DaSL). Over 10 years of teaching, he has trained many learners in Machine Learning, the DNAnexus cloud-based genomics platform, R and the Tidyverse, and Shiny. He’s worked with lots of different kinds of learners of Shiny, through many workshops, and seen them grow from beginners to mastering shiny to build many different kinds of exciting apps.

Ted Laderas