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Your Turn

Take a look at quarto/assignment_01/base_quarto_app.qmd. What parts were moved where? Where is the UI code and where is the server code?

Click "Run Document" and try the app out. What files were generated when you ran the document?

Try changing the order of the code blocks. Does order matter?

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To learn more about using Shiny with Quarto, check out the Quarto website.

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Another issue with the assignment. The Assignment 1 app doesn't contain a "server" code block at all, so the plot does not appear until I add one manually.

David Keyes

David Keyes Founder

April 17, 2024

Sorry about that! I'll have this updated very soon.

David Keyes

David Keyes Founder

April 17, 2024

Ok, just fixed the code on GitHub. I've also pasted it below for you.

title: "Movie App"
format: html
server: shiny

#| context: setup
#| message: false
#| echo: false

##load the biopics data
biopics <- biopics %>% filter(!

      "Select Highest Year", 
      min = 1915,
      value = 2014)


#| context: server

biopics_filtered <- reactive({
  biopics %>%
    filter(year_release < input$year_filter)

output$movie_plot <- renderPlot({
  ggplot(biopics_filtered()) +
    aes(y=box_office, x=year_release, color=type_of_subject) +