Why I’m Donating 1% of Sales to Important Causes

For a while now, I’ve been considering donating revenue from my business to support groups working for social justice. The murder of George Floyd and the protests that have sprung up in its aftermath have convinced me that it is time to do this. 

Starting today, I’m donating 1% of all sales of online courses to groups working to bring about a more just society. 

In the future, I’ll support a range of organizations, but I’m going to begin by supporting the work of the Equal Justice Initiative. The killing of George Floyd by a police officer has once again reminded us of the national shame that is the unequal treatment of African Americans in the United States. EJI takes a historical perspective, showing that what we are seeing today is deeply tied to our history of slavery, lynching, and segregation.

Educating ourselves about our past can, I perhaps naively hope, help move us toward a better future. And I want to play my small part in helping us get there.