Why You Should Always Use RStudio Projects

One of the most important tips we teach participants in R in 3 Months is to always use RStudio projects. There are a lot of resources out there that explain why this is useful (see, especially, Jenny Bryan’s article Project-Oriented Workflow). But many of these resources go a bit over the head of newcomers.

So, I asked Charlie Hadley to record a video explaining why using RStudio projects is so important. In her video below, you’ll see a clear, concise, and simple explanation for the value of using RStudio projects.

As you’ll see, the main reason is reproducibility. If you use RStudio projects, you can write code that you can share with others and they’ll be able to run. This enables you to get feedback, collaborate, and write code that you yourself will be able to run again next week, next month, or next year. Using RStudio projects will help you now – and in the future.

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