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What's New in R: April 8, 2024

David Keyes David Keyes
April 8th, 2024

Welcome to this week’s edition of ​What’s New in R​! This week, we’re featuring a guide to integrating Tableau and Quarto, an interview with Camila Saez, and tips on making attractive PDFs from Quarto. Let’s dive in!

R to Tableau, then show it in Quarto

One of the benefits of Quarto is that it can work with many different tools. If you’ve ever wanted to embed a Tableau dashboard into your Quarto, you can! This tutorial by Gregers Kjerulf Dubrow shows how he uses R to source and clean data, spits out a CSV that he uses with Tableau to crate a dashboard, and then embeds the dashboard in Quarto.

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Data Humans Podcast Episode with Camila Saez

Have you heard of the Data Humans podcast? Hosted by R in 3 Months coach Libby Heeren, it’s about the human side of the people who work in data. In this episode, Libby speaks with Camila Saez, Senior Research Specialist at Dow, about “data science in the science world, the importance of connectedness, and experimenting to figure out what you want”

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Making Pretty PDFs with Typst (and Quarto)

Making attractive PDFs in Quarto can be challenging. The default PDF output looks awful and most of the tutorials on customizing it require learning LaTeX, which is notoriously tricky to pick up. However, as of Quarto 1.4, there is a new PDF creation tool in town known as Typst. In this blog post, Nicola Rennie walks through the basics of using Typst with Quarto.

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