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Oregon by the Numbers

Data Visualization that Communicates

When the Ford Family Foundation came to me about working on their first-ever Oregon by the Numbers report, all they knew was they wanted to come up with a way to share key social and economic indicators for each of the 36 counties in the state.

I knew that what they originally presented to me — a series of tables of data — would not garner the attention the topic deserved. So, working with their staff over several months, we developed a visually-appealing report that would clearly communicate strengths and challenges that Oregon’s counties face.

The full report has been shared widely with policymakers, the media, and others who care about the future of Oregon.

From One Report, Many

Producing one report is a lot of work. Producing tens or even hundreds of reports is completely overwhelming. I help organizations make this daunting task less daunting. Using parameterized reporting, I help organizations that need to generate reports in bulk. Need a report for each school in your district? A report for every town in your state? With my help, you can do this without losing your mind.

OMNI RMarkdown Template

Consistency = Better Communication

You may think of R as a tool for data analysis, but it can also be used to make attractive reports that communicate effectively. I helped Colorado-based OMNI Institute by developing a custom R package that enables all of their reports to follow their style guide. Their reports have a clean look and feel, with plots and tables that use OMNI colors and fonts. Instead of spending hours formatting each report the organization makes, OMNI can now simply use this package to ensure their reports look great.


Consulting projects often require a range of skills. I partner with talented R users to get the job done.

  • Thomas Vroylandt

    Thomas Vroylandt


    A France-based statistician who combines R skills with a keen sense of design, Thomas works on projects related to data visualization, creating workflows for automated reporting, and developing custom packages.

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