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R for the Rest of Us: A Statistics-Free Introduction comes out June 25th. Or you can read the online version today. Check it out →
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Your Turn

Run the following code to access the course materials:


Once you do this, RStudio should open the project with all of the materials you'll need (your project will be called reproducibility-course-materials).

  • The files are available in a ZIP file and include:

    • An R code filed called unformatted-r-code.R

    • A codebook file in a Word document called Pew Research Center 2019 Global Attitudes Survey WEB

    • Data in an SPSS file called Pew Research Center Global Attitudes Spring 2019 Dataset WEB.sav

    • RProj file called reproducibility-course-materials.RProj

    • Text in an unformatted text file text-for-report.rtf

    • A Quarto file for literate programming quarto-file.qmd

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