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Regular Expressions and Data Cleaning, Part 2

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Your Turn

  1. Download CRAN package descriptions using the tools package

  2. Select package name, author, description, and all variables that end in ‘ports’

  3. Filter rows for packages with names that:

  • end in plot

  • contain Bayes

  • contain digits

  • are all UPPER CASE

Learn More

To learn more about groups and back references, check out the website and Chapter 1 of the book Mastering Software Development in R.

Two (paid) books that are also useful are Regular Expressions Cookbook and Mastering Regular Expressions.

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Alberto Cabrera

Alberto Cabrera

January 18, 2024

Luis Verde mentioned in this video he was going to list additional references on regexp at the end of the section on Data Cleaning. I could not find it.

David Keyes

David Keyes Founder

January 19, 2024

Can you clarify (ideally with a time stamp?) where he mentioned this?