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Complete the group_by sections of the data-wrangling-and-analysis-exercises.Rmd file.

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General Data Wrangling and Analysis Resources

Because most material that discusses data wrangling and analysis with the dplyr packges does so in a way that covers all of the verbs discussed in this course, I have chosen not to separate them by lesson. Instead, here are some helpful resources for learning more about all of the tidyverse verbs discussed in this course:

Chapter 5 of R for Data Science

RStudio Cloud primer on working with data

Tidyverse for Beginners by Danielle Navarro

Learning Statistics with R by Danielle Navarro

Introduction to the Tidyverse by Alison Hill

A gRadual intRoduction to data wRangling by Chester Ismay and Ted Laderas

Working in the Tidyverse by Desi Quintans and Jeff Powell

Christine Monnier video tutorials on dplyr

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  1. Hello, I have a question. how could I get the subtotals by group on the same DF that we obtain when we use de group by + summarise?

    We get something like this, but i would like to see on the same table the sub totals (by gender) and the grand total (which should by 10.000)

    female Looking 6.940299 135
    female NotWorking 7.094077 1732
    female Working 6.909353 2086
    female NA NaN 1067
    male Looking 7.147727 176
    male NotWorking 7.101619 1115
    male Working 6.736634 2527
    male NA 6.000000 1162