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The Grammar of Graphics


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To learn more about the grammar of graphics, start with Chapter 1 of R for Data Science or Chapter 1 of ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis, both of which show the basics of ggplot. The RStudio primers on visualizing data provide another great place to get started.

Two great books on the fundamentals of data visualization that include ggplot2 code are Fundamentals of Data Visualization by Claus Wilke and Data Visualization: A Practical Introduction by Kieran Healy.

Another good reference book is the R Graphics Cookbook by Winston Chang, which has “more than 150 recipes to help you generate high-quality graphs quickly, without having to comb through all the details of R’s graphing systems.”

To see ggplot2 in action, check out the ggplot2 flipbook by Gina Reynolds, which shows each step in building various plots. Both the R Graph Gallery and From Data to Viz show examples of plots and provide code to make them.

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