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Quarto Overview

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Your Turn

Working in the same project you used for the data wrangling and data visualization sections, do the following:

  1. Create a new Quarto file, setting the title as "Penguin Report", the author as your name, and the output format as Word.

  2. Save your Quarto file as report.qmd.

  3. Look through the Quarto file and make sure that you can identify the YAML, text sections, and code chunks.

  4. Click the Render button and open the report.docx file that gets produced.

Learn More

The Quarto documentation website is a great place to start learning about Quarto.

Two other great resources for learning about Quarto are:

  1. Get Started with Quarto workshop materials by Tom Mock

  2. From R Markdown to Quarto workshop materials by Andrew Bray, Rebecca Barter, Silvia Canelón, Christophe Dervieu, Devin Pastor, and Tatsu Shigeta

If you have used RMarkdown in the past and are transitioning to Quarto, I have a chapter in my book, R Without Statistics, showing how the two compare.

Have any questions? Put them below and we will help you out!

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Maria Montenegro

Maria Montenegro

April 14, 2024

Hey David. When I try to render my Quarto I get this message in the "Background Jobs" tab:

==> quarto preview report.qmd --to docx --no-watch-inputs --no-browse

and nothing happens. Any idea what could be happening?

David Keyes

David Keyes Founder

April 15, 2024

Yes, that is just showing that the document is rendering. You should now have a file (HTML/PDF/Word, depending on the output format you selected) in your Files pane. Do you see that?