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Import Our Data Again

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Your Turn

  1. Adjust your read_csv() code so that you import the data again

  2. Use the na argument to tell read_csv() what data should be treated as missing

  3. Use the col_types argument to make sure that sex_v2 gets imported as character data

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Hm, when I try to run penguins_data <- read_csv("penguins_data.csv", na = "-999")

I keep getting the following error:

Error in exists(cacheKey, where = .rs.WorkingDataEnv, inherits = FALSE) : 
  invalid first argument
Error in assign(cacheKey, frame, .rs.CachedDataEnv) : 
  attempt to use zero-length variable name

This appears to be a bug in RStudio (others have seen the same thing, as have I). You can safely ignore it. If you update RStudio in a few weeks, my guess is it will be fixed.


Kiara Sanchez

Kiara Sanchez

September 17, 2023

Pending approval

I keep running my code: penguins_data <- read_csv("penguins_data.csv", na = c("-999", "NA"), col_types = cols(sex_v2 = "c") with teh skim function but the only column that changes to NA is the sex column.

Kiara Sanchez

Kiara Sanchez

September 17, 2023

Pending approval

Nevermind all fixed