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This carefully curated collection of resources will help you find packages and learning resources to help you on your R journey.

Screenshot of argonDash


Argon Shiny Dashboard Template is a Bootstrap4 dashboard template for creating Shiny applications. It requires the installation of the 'argonR' package. The template includes vertical and horizontal layouts and is based on the original argon dashboard HTML template designed by Creative Tim. The project has a Contributor Code of Conduct and is licensed under GPL-2. It is developed by David Granjon.

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Introduction to artyfarty

Screenshot of Automate subset plots with ggplot2 and purrr

Automate subset plots with ggplot2 and purrr

Cedric Scherer's blog post, 'Efficiency and Consistency: Automate Subset Graphics with ggplot2 and purrr,' guides readers through the process of automating the creation of subset graphics in R using the ggplot2 and purrr packages. It explains how to eliminate redundant work when generating explorative or explanatory charts for various data subsets by iterating over a vector of groups with a custom function. The post provides a practical tutorial on improving efficiency and consistency when visualizing relationships for different numeric variables, with a focus on polished charts and including examples and shortcuts for data exploration.

Screenshot of bbplot


R package that helps create and export ggplot2 charts in the style used by the BBC News data team

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Screenshot of Big Book of R at 400 [New milestone!]

Big Book of R at 400 [New milestone!]

Oscar Baruffa's 'Big Book of R' has reached a new milestone with over 400 entries of mostly free R books, witnessing the growth of an invaluable resource for the R community. Acknowledging contributors and the support of visitors, Baruffa emphasizes the quality and impact of the collection. The announcement highlights the costs associated with hosting the 'Big Book of R' and encourages contributions. New additions cover topics like big data analytics, hierarchical compartmental reserving models, R package design, epidemiology, causal data science, and psychometrics, showcasing the diversity and depth of the resources available.

Screenshot of Branding and automating your work with R Markdown

Branding and automating your work with R Markdown

This video is about branding and automating work with R Markdown. It discusses how a team of data scientists uses advanced features in RStudio to brand reports and presentations for clients. The speaker highlights lessons learned in areas like version control and automation, including how a few lines of code allowed them to create a specialized report on crime for every county in Utah.

Screenshot of breakerofchains


Break your chain at the cursor line. Run the first bit. See the output. Be free.

Screenshot of broom


Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles


bs4Dash is a Bootstrap 4 version of shinydashboard, a package for creating dashboards with Shiny in R. This article provides information on how to upgrade from shinydashboard to bs4Dash.

Screenshot of bsplus


Adds functionality to the R Markdown + Shiny Bootstrap Framework