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This carefully curated collection of resources will help you find packages and learning resources to help you on your R journey.

Screenshot of geogrid


Turning geospatial polygons into regular or hexagonal grids.

Screenshot of Getting fonts to work in R

Getting fonts to work in R

Getting fonts to work in R and RStudio can be tricky! This post walks through the different steps we need to follow to give ourselves the best chance of success.

Getting more out of dplyr

Video presentation by Suzan Baert on getting more out of dplyr at SatRday 2018 Amsterdam.

Screenshot of Getting started with theme()

Getting started with theme()

This tutorial provides an introduction to the theme() function in ggplot2 and explains how to modify plot themes and elements using this function. It covers basic plot building, using built-in ggplot2 themes, modifying the legend position, and introduces the element_*() functions.

Screenshot of ggfoundry


ggfoundry is an R package that extends ggplot2 by adding custom fillable shapes. Users can request new shapes through GitHub issues. The package is available on CRAN, with a development version on GitHub. It includes a vignette and articles on the package website for guidance. Examples showcase the integration of ggfoundry with ggplot2, presenting how to create plots with unique shapes like violins and dendrograms. This package is especially useful for creating distinctive and visually appealing data visualizations in R.

Screenshot of ggittext


Fit Text Inside a Box in ggplot2

Screenshot of ggmagnify


ggmagnify, an R package, enhances ggplot visualizations by adding a 'magnifying glass' effect. It allows for the creation of magnified insets to highlight important areas of plots, offering flexible customization options like borders, shadows, and shapes (rectangular, elliptical, convex hull, arbitrary). The package, installable from GitHub or r-universe, provides functions to specify both the target region and the inset location using coordinates. The comprehensive examples cover various use cases, including faceting and maps, illustrating ggmagnify's capability to accentuate data points or regions for increased clarity in ggplot graphics.

Screenshot of ggplot tricks

ggplot tricks

A collection of tricks and tips for using the ggplot2 R package.

Screenshot of ggplot2


ggplot2 is a system for declaratively creating graphics, based on The Grammar of Graphics.

Screenshot of ggplot2 Theme Elements Demonstration | Henry Wang

ggplot2 Theme Elements Demonstration | Henry Wang

This is a demonstration by Henry Wang about customizing theme elements in ggplot2, a powerful package in R for data visualizations. The demonstration provides step-by-step instructions on how to identify and modify theme elements in ggplot2.

Screenshot of ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis

ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis

This is the online version of the work-in-progress 3rd edition of 'ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis'. The book focuses on explaining the Grammar of Graphics used in ggplot2 and provides details on the underlying theory. It is written by Hadley Wickham, Danielle Navarro, and Thomas Lin Pedersen.

Screenshot of ggpomological


A ggplot2 theme based on the USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection