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This carefully curated collection of resources will help you find packages and learning resources to help you on your R journey.

Screenshot of formattable


This package is designed for applying formatting on vectors and data frames to make data presentation easier, richer, more flexible and hopefully convey more information.

Screenshot of Four ways to write assertion checks in R

Four ways to write assertion checks in R

This content provides a personal narrative detailing the importance of writing assertion checks in R, particularly when dealing with data that can change structure over time. The author shares a transformation from a confident young analyst to one who has learned to be cautious and employ defensive programming techniques. The focus is on the 'identifier' function, illustrating the need for assertions with 'stopifnot()' to handle unexpected and incorrect inputs. The article emphasizes rigorous validation of assumptions to prevent silent errors in code.

Full-Stack Survey Research with SurveyMonkey • svmkR

This package provides a suite of tools to work with SurveyMonkey surveys in R.

Screenshot of Full-Stack Survey Research with SurveyMonkey • svmkR

Full-Stack Survey Research with SurveyMonkey • svmkR

svmkR is an R package that provides a comprehensive toolkit for managing SurveyMonkey surveys within the R programming environment. It enables users to create, upload, download, and analyze surveys directly from R. Users can calculate margins of error, apply statistical survey weights through raking, and generate SurveyMonkey-style banner presentations for polls. The package is installed from GitHub and serves as a full-stack survey research solution. The source is available on GitHub, and the package was developed by a team of contributors, building on the surveymonkey package by enhancing and refactoring it.

Screenshot of Functions and Themes for gt tables

Functions and Themes for gt tables

A tutorial on using functions and themes for creating gt tables in R language.

Screenshot of Gentelella Shiny

Gentelella Shiny

This is an R Shiny HTML Template version of the gentelella bootstrap theme. It provides a unique looking Shiny dashboard with features like login authentication, dynamic progress bar visualization, custom boxes for plots, and more.

Screenshot of Geocomputation with R

Geocomputation with R

Geocomputation with R is a book on geographic data analysis, visualization, and modeling. It covers various topics related to working with geographic data in R.

Screenshot of geofacet


This R package provides geofaceting functionality for ggplot2.

Screenshot of geogrid


Turning geospatial polygons into regular or hexagonal grids.

Screenshot of Getting fonts to work in R

Getting fonts to work in R

Getting fonts to work in R and RStudio can be tricky! This post walks through the different steps we need to follow to give ourselves the best chance of success.

Getting more out of dplyr

Video presentation by Suzan Baert on getting more out of dplyr at SatRday 2018 Amsterdam.

Screenshot of Getting started with theme()

Getting started with theme()

This tutorial provides an introduction to the theme() function in ggplot2 and explains how to modify plot themes and elements using this function. It covers basic plot building, using built-in ggplot2 themes, modifying the legend position, and introduces the element_*() functions.