This carefully curated collection of resources will help you find packages and learning resources to help you on your R journey.

This blog post takes table-making guidelines laid out by data visualization expert Jon Schwabish and shows how they can be achieved using the gt package.

In 2019, Bob Rudis participated in the 30 Day Map Challenge. This bookdown project details how he did it, complete with code examples used to make a wide range of ...

An extremely in-depth blog post demonstrating how to make tweaks large and small to plots made in ggplot.

Materials from an introductory workshop to basic shiny concepts.

This article will teach you how to install packages that you can use to import CSV, Excel spreadsheets, and other data into R.

This article runs through some key functions from the dplyr package for wrangling data.

The dplyr package has a wide range of functions for joining data. This article walks through them.

Covers some of the core functions of the stringr package and has a section on regular expressions for pattern matching.

Factors are how R deals with categorical data with a known number of options. This article will help you understand how factors work.

Working with dates and times in R can be challenging. This article shows you how to use the lubridate package to work with dates and times.

This blog post walks through the process of creating a Twitter bot that posts satellite images of London using the rtweet package and GitHub Actions.

This blog post is a great introduction to simple features, the data type often used to make maps in R with the sf package.