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Compare Locations/Events with Geobubble Charts (02_04)

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Your Turn

Use the your-turn.R script in 02_04 to create a geobubble chart of the most popular airports in the US.

Keep in mind the following two requirements:

  • Ensure small circles are not overlapped by bigger circles

  • Give the circles both a fill color and border color

Learn More

The geobubble chart I showed in the slides is slightly more refined than the one we built together. You can take a look at the slide code on GitHub to see how it was built.

Have any questions? Put them below and we will help you out!

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Jordan Trachtenberg

Jordan Trachtenberg

May 10, 2022

Hi Charley, do you know of any good resources for using the API for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics? I was able to get an API key but am interested in salary data for certain jobs by county. Thank you!

Yuri Zharikov

Yuri Zharikov

July 21, 2022

Hi Charlie, Could you point to how I can change the number of categories/breaks in the legend? I have tried doing something like this:

geom_sf(data = subset(plot_data_sf, species_code == "MAMU"), aes(size = dens_10km_o), alpha = 0.5, pch = 21, color = parknmca, fill = parknmca)+ scale_size_continuous(breaks=c(0, 100, 200, 400, 600),labels=c("0", "100", "200", "400", "600")) But this has not changed the default number of breaks. Thank you, Yuri