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CRS and Projections: How to Choose a CRS (01_13)

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In this video I recommend using to find appropriate CRS for your GIS datasets. Here are some additional sources of that might be useful for you: is an alternative “CRS search engine” maintained by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP). Note that searches take much longer on this site than 

Wikipedia maintains a list of national mapping agencies that might be useful for your searches

Kyle Walker has also developed an R package called crssuggest that he describes as a “small R package to help spatial analysts determine an appropriate projected coordinate reference system for their data.”

I’ve kept the information in these two videos about projections as simple as possible. If you’re interested in a more technical overview of how to choose projections I recommend this section of the Geocomputation with R book.

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Alexandre lustosa

Alexandre lustosa

February 20, 2022

Hi, Charlotte Great course, very detailed and fantastic teaching.

I have doubts about two points:

  1. Does the st_covers() function work as a kind of join?

  2. On the website, I'm not able to view the map to select the coordinates... Need to install something?