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Compare Locations/Events with Geobubble Charts in leaflet (03_05)

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Your Turn

Open the 03_05 project.

Use the your-turn.R script in 03_05 to create a geobubble chart of the busiest airports in the US.

  • Ensure small circles are not overlapped by bigger circles

  • Give the circles both a fill color and border color

  • Add a label to each airport

Learn More

In the video I mentioned that the {leaflegend} package provides the ability to add a bubble size legend. The 03_05 folder also includes an example script demonstrating how to use this package.

I’ve purposefully not added the fill legend to this chart as I feel it is confusing using two different aesthetics to communicate the same variable. However, in the 03_06 folder I’ve included a script that shows you how to do this.

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