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Turning Data Frames into sf Objects (01_05)

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Your Turn

Open the 01_05.Rproj file to open the appropriate project.

Open the airport-locations.R file from the worked-examples/01_05 folder.

Visualise the locations of the airports in the airports-with-most-seat-kilometers_2015.xlsx file

  • Import the file with read_excel()

  • Use st_as_sf() to convert the tibble into an sf object

  • Use mapview to show the airport locations

Learn More

In this video I used the tribble() function for creating a dataset in R code. It’s convenient to use this function instead of data.frame() as it allows us to create datasets by row instead of by column.

tribble() also creates a tibble instead of a data.frame. The tidyverse introduced the tibble as a modern version of the data.frame, it looks prettier in the console and it allows functions like group_by() to work. If you want a more technical description check out the package website.

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Haresh Suppiah

Haresh Suppiah

March 1, 2022


I just wanted to point out a couple of things. It seems like the github solution on this page is not synced with the solution used in the video. Also, the file name for the student exercise should be 'your-turn.R' instead of 'airport-locations.R'.

These edits might help others. Cheers,