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ggplot2 Essentials (02_01)

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The {ggplot2} package is incredible for building static data visualizations. As I mention in the video, the only charts you can’t create with it are some dual y-axis charts.

David Robinson is a very popular data scientist who has written a detailed explanation of why he uses (and recommends) {ggplot2}.

In the video I mention that {ggplot2} implements a grammar of graphics. If you’re interested in exactly what that means I recommend this section of the ggplot2 book by Hadley Wickham.

As we progress through this section of the course I’ll pose problems to solve in our charts and which of these components we need to affect:

  • aesthetics
  • geoms (and factors)
  • scales
  • guides
  • themes

At the end of this video I also introduce the {ggspatial} package which is introduced in more detail in the next video and at the end of this section when I show you how to add scale bars to charts.

Have any questions? Put them below. David or Charlie Hadley will help you out!